In order to participate in the event riders must follow these rules:

  • All participants must complete a disclaimer document releasing into organization from any kind of liability for accidents that may occur in the test.
  • All riders must be over 18 years.
  • All bikes must be Track Bikes.
  • Conversions with  road bikes ,CX, CXSS, Road/SS, Road/Fixed, etc are not allowed.
  • Any installed hand brake are allowed, only fixed gear system.
  • Only track and road handlebars will be allowed.
  • Bikes must be equipped with road or MTB clipless pedals.
  • Lights are not allowed.
  • Helmet is essential.
  • Disc wheels and  3 or 5 spoke wheels are not allowed
  • Riders bent in each round will be eliminated.
  • We recommend cycling outfit for the comfort of the rider.
  • It was allowed to participate any rider who is beins investigated, or has been suspended, or who is currently awaiting a doping ban. This veto is retroactive, so that participation in the race os any rider who has been penalized will not be allowed even if you have passed the period of penalty. We understand and that not be a race, or be framed in any category of the RFC must give an image of even grater transparency, respect for the cycling, and out of respect for the riders who are mostly non-profesional.
  • Criterium Gijón is free to organize doping controls according the list of substances banned by the World  Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) so any registered rider in the race authorized the organization to submit to the corresponding doping controls (if it done) to submit to the corresponding doping controls. In case of a positive result in doping the rider will be disqualified and theis participation will banned in all future events of Criterium Gijón and the withdrawal of all prizes and race results.